Company Profile

Med Marine A.Ş.

Med Marine A.Ş. is a leading Turkish marine company, providing a broad range of services in towage, pilotage and mooring in the busiest ports of Turkey, in Izmit and Iskenderun Bay, for over 20 years.

Izmit Bay hosts 36 separate terminals where 13 tugboats and 9 mooring boats belonging to Med Marine are operating. Iskenderun Bay also hosts 11 separate terminals varying from dry cargo to oil terminal facilities. 6 tugboats and 3 mooring boats are engaged in this area. Also, almost 80 marine pilots in total are employed in both locations.

Med Marine A.Ş. employs Ereğli Shipyard, being one of the largest shipyards in Turkey, for building tugboats and chemical tankers either for its main operations, or for global clients' needs. Med Marine A.Ş. successfully completed the constructions and deliveries of over a hundred projects including tugboats, tankers, mooring and pilot boats in its portfolio.

Combining excellence in design and years of experience, Med Marine A.Ş. maintains the highest global standards in its business in order to meet its multinational clients’ needs. Because it keeps business integrity and its core corporate values at the forefront, Med Marine A.Ş. is the leading private towage and pilotage service provider in Turkey since 1995.